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We’re Talkin Bout Meat Loaf

Got a bunch more environments done, as you can see below:

Environment Concepts

If you can guess which one of these was inspired by the final-boss battle of one of my favorite RPG’s, I’ll send you a promo-code to get the game free when it’s released!

I’ve got enough concepts done for now, time to move on to building a few out in 3d and getting them in game. I also need to start on the title treatment, hopefully I’ll have time to bust out some first-pass concepts this week.

In other news, it’s the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy! To celebrate, I’ve started at FF1 and plan to see how far through the main series I can get by the end of the year. I don’t expect to make it too far since free time isn’t something I have an abundance of, but considering the type of game Dungeon Hearts is, I can write it off as research ;)

Eviro a Go Go

As I mentioned last week, I started concepting some environments. My drawing skills aren’t the best so I keep them pretty quick and loose, just to get the overall shapes and color scheme, then work out the details in the 3d package. For the outdoor environments, I’ll probably do a few versions of each for day/night cycles.




The first one is a bit too busy and distracting, but in 3d I’ll be able to use lighting to focus in on the characters.

I also managed to bust out another character this week. Check out the Mimic!


On the music front, I’m excited about getting the chance to have a guest musician to do some special, unlockable battle tracks for the game! I wanted to get some music that was wildly different from the orchestral stuff the main musician is creating, and you can’t get much further than some epic metal! I was fortunate enough to get hooked up through a friend with someone who is eager to do some shredding for the game. You can listen to some of his music at Viking Guitar.
I’m trying not to get too excited yet, it can be tough finding people who finish what they start when working for little to no pay (indie life!), but he seemed really excited to contribute to the project, so we’ll see!

For next week, I plan on sketching out a couple more environments before I start modeling them in 3d. I’ve also got to finish up this character I started this week:


Wizardly Ways

(click for embigening)

Only had time to finish this guy this week. I started the next enemy (a skeleton), but still got a ways to go. I also started laying out the tutorial flow, figuring out what the best order is for introducing each gameplay mechanic to the user in a way that each step builds on the previous step in an understandable manner.

I’m a little over half way done with enemy creation, so I think I’m going to take a break and start working on environments for a while. Once I get a couple backgrounds and enemy animations done, I’ll have a decent vertical slice of the game ready to show.

Slime Time

I created several more enemies this week, as shown below. First are the slimes:

(click for bigger version)

It was a fun challenge to make these guys look rubbery. I had recently found an old rubber ball, the kind with the glitter inside, so I decided to use it as reference.


Next up are the doppelgängers, dark doubles of the dungeon do-gooders. These guys might end up being a boss fight, or one of the rarer encounters.


And lastly is a more evil version of the pin cushion enemy I’ve shown previously.

I’m about half way done with the enemies in general, although I got all the easy ones out of the way first, so most of the remaining characters are more complex and time consuming. Generally humanoids can take a lot longer because we have ingrained conceptions about how they should look due to dealing with other humanoids our whole lives. So they require more finesse and precision to make them ‘feel’ right to the viewer, even if you are exaggerating proportions it still has to feel like everything fits together.

Here’s some random game related information for anyone who’s interested:
When the player defeats a new enemy for the first time, it will thereafter show in their Bestiary. Whenever the player goes into their Bestiary, they can see all the creatures they’ve defeated so far (including art and some flavor info for each) vs how many remain to be discovered. For people who care about achievements, there’ll be one for completing the Bestiary.

That’s all for today!

Put this in your ear!

I want to share some of the awesome music Sam English has been working on for the game:

Varmit Hunters by Sam English


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