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Monsters & Meshes

Progress update!

I’m working primarily on the enemies now, trying to get them all modeled, textured, and ready for animation. Here’s a shot of a few characters in the works:

There are a few others in progress as well. In fact, there are only 2 enemies that haven’t been started at all. When I tallied them up last night I thought it was going to be a lot more than that, so I was happily surprised.

On the music front, here’s a rad boss track from Sam English:


I’m aiming to have all the remaining enemies modeled by the end of next week, then start on unwrapping and texturing.

Good Reads

Here are a bunch of useful articles/links/etc I came across last week:

Probably the most in-depth examination of Final Fantasy 6 you will ever read.

All of Raph Koster’s best game design articles.

Portal 2 post-mortem.

UNITE 11 session videos

The Devil Is in the Details of Action RPG’s – Part 3: Downtime

10 Things I’ve Learned About Programming… By Programming

Basics of Saving and Loading in Unity

From Board Games to Unity: Pitman Interview

Infinity Gene creator’s five tips for making an unforgettable game


I decided to do a video update today so you all could see the game in motion, check it out here!

Otherwise, I spent the week coordinating with the other musicians I brought on recently to do some work in other musical styles. These alternate soundtracks will be unlockable through gameplay. I also got TestFlight set up, which is a really great service that allows you to upload builds of your game/app, then testers can immediately download it directly to their devices wirelessly. It even supports metrics tracking if you want to see exactly how your testers are playing the game.


GDC-ya later!

Wow, GDC was an amazing experience. I met a ton of great people, including many of my indie gaming heroes. If you can name them, I probably saw or talked to them. Getting Terry Cavanagh to play my game, and watching Jon Blow chase leaves for example. On Thursday we had an indie art jam at Dennys across the street from the convention center, and we completely filled the place up! It was inspiring to see that much talent all together in one spot. I definitely need to take more pictures next time, but taking the train from SJ every day didn’t allow me much room in my already-stuffed backpack that murdered my neck and shoulders for a week. Hopefully next year I can stay at one of the nearby hostels.

I showed the game off to a lot of people throughout the week, and there wasn’t anyone who didn’t like it. Everyone said it was definitely fun, and they loved the character of the game. I’d bust out my iPad and start playing while I was waiting for a panel or talk to begin, and I could always see people watching me play out of the corner of their eyes, and a couple people even asked me where they could get it. The negative feedback was pretty minor, and all things I’m already aware of, mainly that the controls need work and there isn’t much need currently for the player to look up at the top half of the screen (probably the biggest issue). These things definitely need fixing, but I was relieved that there wasn’t some huge flaw I didn’t see coming since I’m so close to the game.

I played a bunch of great games too, of course. Frozen Synapse, Spelunky XBLA, Ridiculous Fishing, Storyteller, and Johann Sebastian Joust stood out the most. JS Joust in particular is amazing to both play and watch, considering its simplicity.

Of course GDC is just as much about business opportunities as it is about playing great games. I have some exciting news in regards to Dungeon Hearts, but I’m still waiting for the green light to talk about it publicly, so I’ll just tease you with that for now :)


If any of the handful of people who read this devblog are going to GDC, hit me up to check out a playable version of the game!


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