Monthly Archives: April 2012

No dogs allowed

Just a quick update today because I’m out of town for the weekend. I got all the enemies set up for animating, and exported them into the game as unanimated placeholders (looks cooler than cubes and spheres). Hopefully they’ll be off to the animators this week. The other big thing I did this was implement the system that randomizes the game each time you play. So there will be different enemies and groups of enemies each run. The backgrounds change as the player progresses, and that randomization is going as well. I’m thinking that in the Main Menu, the background displayed will always be set to the background that the player last died on (or the end of the game). The environments get darker as the player advances, so it could be a fun motivator. I need to start on more environment content soon, which is probably the most time-consuming thing that needs to be done for the whole game.

Babes n Beholders

This week I finished up the last few characters, which I’ve been looking forward to doing for a while.


I also laid out the progression of when each enemy is encountered. Environments are the next big time sink, although I’m going to take some time to add the UI and other small enhancements to the gameplay.

Mushroom Metal

Last week I mostly spent working on creating enemy characters, which you can see below:



I also got this awesome track in for the heavy metal version of the soundtrack:

My goal for this week is to finish up the last 3 enemies so all the characters in the game will be ready to be sent to the animator.


Heavy Metal Helmets

I made plenty of progress toward my current goal of getting all the characters in the game created and ready for animation. There are 6 characters left, and all 6 have been modeled, unwrapped, and are in various stages of texturing. Here’s a Plump Helmet (catch the reference??), who is almost complete:

In other news I implemented a first pass of the main menu, and received a work in progress version of the first heavy-metal battle track. Even at this early stage it’s 4 minutes of pure win, I can’t wait for it to be completed so I can upload it for everyone to hear!

I’m hoping to get 2-3 characters done this week, and finish up the remaining next week.


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