Animate and Dominate

Got a second environment in game:

The Teeth
(click to big)

Also, you’ll notice that the characters aren’t in the same pose they are usually in. They are finally animated! My animator McMutton did a great job bringing them to life, now they just need some cool FX to make them pop. I’ve also got a bunch of animation timing related things to sort out. I’m pretty excited because it’s starting to play more like a game than a prototype! I’m currently trying to get to a good vertical slice stage so I can take some video of the gameplay, since I imagine most people have no clue what’s going on in the bottom half of the screen.

Wizardly Ways

(click for embigening)

Only had time to finish this guy this week. I started the next enemy (a skeleton), but still got a ways to go. I also started laying out the tutorial flow, figuring out what the best order is for introducing each gameplay mechanic to the user in a way that each step builds on the previous step in an understandable manner.

I’m a little over half way done with enemy creation, so I think I’m going to take a break and start working on environments for a while. Once I get a couple backgrounds and enemy animations done, I’ll have a decent vertical slice of the game ready to show.

Blender is confusing.

Things are going full steam ahead! This week I finished everything I had planned for Alpha. Now all the main gameplay systems are in place. Everything still needs lots of polish, but that’s for Beta. Now that Alpha is complete I can move on to adding more content to the game, starting with the enemies. I’m planning on having about 40 enemies in the game, although roughly half of those will be palette swaps instead of unique meshes. After that it will be on to backgrounds, for which I have 16 planned.

I hired an animator earlier in the week. I’m hoping that if I pay him (the little bit that I can afford anyway), he’ll be less likely to randomly disappear, as is common in unpaid collaborations. He’s completed most of the animations for the fighter character, which I put in the game yesterday. It’s so awesome to finally see a character moving around!

Sam, the musician, let me know yesterday that he’s getting started on the battle music. He’s great at doing atmospheric orchestral arrangements, so I’m looking forward to hearing what he produces. I’ll post here once there’s something tease-worthy. I’m thinking of finding someone to do a ‘hidden track’ in the classic 8/16 bit chiptune style as an unlockable.

So currently I’m fumbling around in Blender to produce more enemy characters. I’m proficient in Max and Maya, but unfortunately I can’t afford the thousands of dollars it costs to get a real copy. And even if I could I would spend it on a pro version of Unity and Unity iOS first! I’m starting to get faster in Blender now that I’m not constantly trying to use Maya’s hotkeys by accident.

Here’s a quick doodle of the Lagomorph, the weakest enemy in the game. There are more dangerous relatives though, including the mythical Shadowmorph!

Dungeon Hearts


Dungeon Hearts is a game I’ve been working on whenever I need a break from Gaia. It’s been taking up most of my development time lately because the visuals and gameplay are finally coming together and even at this early stage it’s fun to play, so I’ve been pretty excited about it. It’s not quite in an Alpha state yet (all major gameplay features implemented), but I hope to be there in about 2 weeks.

At it’s core, the game is basically a cross between any JRPG battle, Puzzle Quest, and Henry Hatsworth. Playing the puzzle game on the bottom half controls the battle on the top half. After each battle, a mini-game allows the characters to level up and unlock special abilities, then the next battle starts. The enemies that show up are randomized each time, and most have their own special abilities. At the end of a set number of encounters (depending on the difficulty chosen), the party faces off against a boss. Over the course of gameplay, the party will advance from forests through various dungeons. If they survive, that is. Leaderboards and achievements will be implemented as well, of course.

It’s being developed for iPad, but Windows and Mac versions will most likely follow.

On the Gaia front, the final enemy type has been implemented! A couple special abilities they can have still need to be implemented before they are feature complete though.

Oh, and I realized that the video I linked to in the previous post wasn’t the latest video with music in it, so I fixed that. Check it out and hear some great music!

Here are some higher res images of the player characters:


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