Progress for Week of 11/14

This week was mainly bug fixes, so not much exciting to talk about. In addition to the bug fixin’, the second to last enemy was implemented, and the musician started working on some fresh new tracks.

I also took a break to start setting up the framework for the next game after Gaia. I’ve learned a lot working on this project, so I’ve been eager to put that knowledge to use.

Now to go back and start making some more levels!

Progress for Week of 11/7

This week was all about adding content and I managed to get 6 levels done, bringing the total to 19 out of 45 complete.

The player’s goal on each level is just to survive until the end of the level. Survival means not letting any of the enemies penetrate the shells and contact the ovum. Each level lasts a set amount of time, starting at 60 seconds and increasing by 30 sections each chapter (group of 10 levels).

The sun seen in the screenshots acts both as the player’s timepiece and ultimate weapon. During the course of the level, a moon is seen slowly approaching the sun, representing the amount of time left in the level. Once the moon passes in front of the sun, a massive energy is released, killing all attackers and ending the level.

For the next week I’ve got to get some loose ends tied up with the last few enemies that need to get implemented so I can continue pushing forward on the levels. Also, I’ve got to draw up some plans for Endless Mode.


Progress for Week of 10/31

My first weekly update! I’ll usually be posting these every Saturday.

This week I accomplished the following:
-Got this devlog up and running.
-Migrated the new vine system from a sandbox into the main game. You can see video of the new vines here.
-Got the first round of music tracks from the musician, provided feedback and started iterating on them.
-Implemented the “Soul Shot,” a powerful attack the player can use by collecting the energy produced by the vine blooms. Also implemented the HUD associated with it.
-Fleshed out the difficulty progression across the whole game to figure out how many more enemy types I need.
-Designed the last 2 enemies to be put in the game.

There are 10 enemy types in the game, and all but the last 2 are currently implemented. 10 enemies may not sound like much, but each has a number of variables that can be tweaked to alter their movement pattern. For example, an enemy that moves in a sine wave pattern can have it’s frequency and amplitude adjusted separately, and the pattern can be applied to any angle of movement which makes them very difficult to target.

My focus for the upcoming week is to create more levels. There are currently about 12 of 50 levels complete, so a lot of progress needs to be made there. I also need to start fleshing out how the Endless Mode is going to work, since that’s the last major feature of the game that hasn’t been implemented.

That’s all for now, feel free to let me know if you have any questions or comments!


Hello and welcome to the Cube Roots development blog! In case you were curious, Cube Roots is an independent game developer whose goal is to create games with character. Even though we’ve fully jumped on the iOS bandwagon, we hope to rise above Doodle Jump clone #3490852 and whatever hastily slapped-together social game is popular this week.


Which basically means we are gonna crash and burn, but create some stuff we’re proud of in the process. That’ll look good on my resume, right??


Our first game in development is called Gaia, a strange and exotic exploration of the struggle between abstract forces that connect us with the infinite. And hopefully a fun game to boot.


I’ll be updating the blog with our progress at least once a week, so stay tuned!



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